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COEURE – COoperation for EUropean Research in Economics – is a cooperative action financed by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme. It is a forum which brings together the key stakeholders in the European economic research space – scientists from the different strands of economic research in Europe, users of economic research in the policy community, economic decision makers, and funders of economic research, and which, by a process of stocktaking, consultation and stakeholder engagement, is aimed to formulate an Agenda for Research Funding for Economics in Europe (ARFEE).


ARFEE’s agenda is three-folded

  • how does economic research affect economic policy and growth
  • how is economic research performed and supported by universities, research centers and funding agencies
  • how does economic research interplay with other social sciences 

COEURE addresses those issues by replying to the following questions

  • are the resources devoted to economic research adeaquately allocated?
  • are human resources well trained and equipment well adapted?
  • what is the functioning of the market for economic research? what are the market failures and the transaction costs?
  • what are the strengths and weaknesses of the European economic research?