Work Package 3 aims to bring together all the stakeholders and combine results from WP1 and WP2 in order to formulate an Agenda for Economic Research in Europe.

A Manifesto for Economic Research in Europe provides a roadmap for enhancing economic research in Europe and its funding and it is available here


The final report on Work Package 2, Efficiency of Economic Research Funding Sources and Systems Across European Countries is available here


In the framework of the COEURE project, as part of Work Package 1, 12 surveys have been produced mapping the research frontiers in economics, assessing the European contribution to them, in the context of the most pressing EU policy issues.

  1. Population, migration, aging and health, available here
  2. Inequality and welfare, available here
  3. Human capital and education, available here
  4. Labor markets, available here
  5. R&D, Innovation and growth, available here
  6. Competition and regulation in markets for goods and services, available here
  7. Financial markets, available here
  8. Energy environment and sustainability, available here
  9. Fiscal and monetary policy, available here
  10. Cities, regional development and transport, available here
  11. Trade, globalization and development, available here
  12. Data and methods, available here