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Two articles have been recently published on topics related to COEURE.

The first one is an article on research funding in Europe: “European Cooperative R&D and Firm Performance: Evidence Based on Funding Differences in Key Actions”, by L. Aguiar and P. Gagnepain. In the article, the authors analyze the positive impact that participation on the European Union’s fith Framework Programme has on firm’s competitiveness (in terms of labor productivity and profit margin). Access to the full article can be found here.

The second one studies research performance: “The relationship between academic consulting and research performance. Evidence from five Spanish universities”, by F. Rentocchini, P. D’Este, L. Manjarrés-Henriquez and R. Grimaldi. This paper investigates the correlation between engagement in consulting activities and scientific productivity (measured in terms of average number of publications), depending on the scientific fields of research and the intensity of the engagement in the consulting activity. Access to the full article can be found here.